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LivasMar Inc. is a Greek independent consultancy providing, since 2020, a comprehensive range of vetting, port call support and advisory services to the global marine, maritime and offshore industries. ​

Based in Athens, Greece, the team consists of, master mariners, marine engineers and associated support staff. From our locations in Spain, Gibraltar, France, Malta and Trinidad and Tobago, we are able to service our customers in an effective manner. As an independent company

LivasMar Inc.’s advice to clients is free of the influences that corporate affiliations with specific shipyards or suppliers may present.

Consultancy services include market cost and services analysis and negotiation, port state control preparation, owners’ vetting and inspection, bunkering surveys, crew management, full supply services (e.g. spares, stores, lubricants, safety items etc.), underwater cleaning, ship yard arrangements and ship agency. We also provide vessel buyer advisory services, certification and client representation. ​

LivasMar Inc. provides recommendations promptly, enabling commercial and business decisions to be made quickly and safely.


It is our mission to provide the best possible service and to respond to the continual changes in the maritime industry.


Our vision at LivasMar Inc. is to become the trusted choice for maritime consultancy services for our clients and to grow this service for the shipping industry around the world.

Let’s Work Together

59-61, Agiou Konstantinou Street 

Marousi, Greece 151 24

Tel.:    +30 210 271 9212

Mob.: +30 694 876 4480

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