Acting as your Technical Representative

Based in Las Palmas with highly qualified, experienced & competent staff, we will: ensure that the vessel is attended to the desired standards and in line with regulations and requirements, perform inspection visits during the repair process, prepare the initial assessment and a final inspection of completed work repair at your request. 

Now that travelling is not an option but ship works & repairs must continue, LM is able to attend, supervise and reduce your total cost on your technical projects. This is how:

  • By working 24/7 so to offer the highest levels of customer attendance and supervision
  • By preparing a detailed ship-work, repair, dry-dock technical specification covering all the involved matters (e.g. steel work, repairs, equipment overhaul, modifications requested by new Rules, inspection)
  • By discussing with the service provider & the various sub-suppliers, the scope of the jobs, supervise & assist "in situ" all the involved activities,reporting regularly the status of the project

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