• Spare parts acquisition 
  • Equipment Testing, Upgrades, Aux. services etc.

Offering engineering, commissioning and testing, upgrades and modifications and auxiliary services. With large facilities, skilled employees and high tech machinery unique in the Canary Islands.

The objective of LIVAS MARITIME S.L.U. is to locate a source that will provide the best overall value to its Principals . With price being a significant factor, other criteria will be considered in the decision-making process, as described more fully in the Evaluation Factors section of this website.

  • Dry docking, shipyards and repairs

Acting as your consultant, we will suggest, negotiate, physically supervise and/or assist the repairs "in situ", finally reducing the total cost of your works:

  1. By working 24/7 so to offer the highest levels of customer attendance and supervision 
  2. By preparing a detailed ship-work, repair, dry-dock technical specification covering all the involved matters (e.g. steel work, repairs, equipment overhaul, modifications requested by new Rules) 
  3. By discussing with the service provider & the various sub-suppliers, the scope of the jobs, supervise & assist "in situ" all the involved activities,reporting regularly the status of the project
  4. Prepare the final inspection of completed work repair at your request