We want you to feel like you have a local office in Las Palmas. During your visit an office space can be allocated for work in a professional and quiet environment. That includes full access to all necessary amenities e.g. internet, copy machine, conference room etc. Office space, amenities and port specific consultation offered by us including but no limited to: suggestions, advice are complementary services and no fee is charged. 

We've successfully assisted several ship management companies in reducing their expenses and advancing their business while working in Las Palmas. In addition, we have provided our clients with specific information (based on their individual requirements) so to bypass predicaments, use the local competition and achieve a cost efficient and safe port call.

The group of our maritime professionals is multilingual and exceptionally familiarized with the requirements and peculiarities of the:

  • Local Port and Maritime Authorities
  • Service providers
  • Existing competition
  • Applicable tariffs
  • Real-time operational situation of the port

We have the knowledge, expertise, and skills required to help you meet your own business objectives by providing:

  • Specific port intelligence based on the individual requirements
  • Additional local information such as congestion and weather conditions
  • Tariffs and existing competition per service