Another bedtime story


Once upon a time, there was this girl, who joined the shipping industry, to discover a fascinating yet challenging experience - board rooms full of males, conferences of mostly males, all department heads males etc. Overwhelmed at 26 (then) on how to "fit in," the story seemed like it was coming to an end, until one day she was told about WISTA International . It takes grit & resiliance to stick around and personally, WISTA CYOFFICIAL empowered me, to discover the "magic" behind the initially overwhelming "cloak" . Being a part of the WISTA Cyprus Board, has been an amazing experience in everyway..It has taught me what it takes to "keep walking..." Thank you ladies for inspiring me & directly or indirectly mentoring me in so many ways... 

Gina Panayiotou, Concept Founder at It's ALL about Shipping