Choose a Service Provider

Towage, Agency or whatever type of professional you will need for the job, LM can help you. Check out "The 5 criteria" we use when choosing the suitable port service provider on your behalf:

  1. A full range of services and equipment;When deciding on a company that's right for you, it's a good idea to consider the range of services and equipment they can offer in addition to their basic ones.
  2. Flexibility;A company that offers a specific type of assistance should be able to confidently accommodate several kinds of projects and events.
  3. Experience;Extensive experience in the industry tends to mean reliable services and top-quality equipment. It also means a diverse collection of e.g. barges, cranes and work boats that can get the job done in a more precise manner. Put your mind at ease with professional, expert personnel that can help you with any project.
  4. Consultative capacity;It's a good reflection of industry expertise and resources if a service company can also provide consultative services.
  5. Reliability;Reliable service and equipment are absolutely essential when it comes to managing your projects. We seek a provider with high standards, excellent testimonials and lots of expertise.

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