Our flexible team:

  1. Is exceptionally familiarized with the requirements & peculiarities of the local Port & Maritime Authorities.
  2. Apprehends the provisions of relevant Spanish & local law & legislation.
  3. Has in-depth knowledge of the ports, their operational system, infrastructure, equipment & people.
  4. Has an accumulated shipping experience which extends to Ship Management, Operations, Technical, Safety, Bunkering, Crewing, etc. 
  5. Combines extensive maritime studies, sea going time & the right approach. 
  6. Knows & understands the needs of Ship Management.

We want you to feel like we are your local office in Las Palmas.  

During your visit an office space will be allocated for work in a professional & quiet environment. That includes full access to all necessary amenities e.g. internet, copy machine, conference room etc.

Office space, amenities and consultation offered by Livas Maritime including but no limited to: suggestions, advice local information etc. are complementary services and no fee is charged.